Super Professional 2 (Director\'s Cut)

Super Professional 2 (Director's Cut)

Designer:Fools Paradise / 愚者樂園
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Price:$ 500 USD   ($14,265 TWD)

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Worldwide Limited :398 pieces
Approx Height:30 cm (Léon)、50 cm (Piranha Plant & Warp Pipe)
Factory Available to Ship:Start on 1st Quarter of 2019 ( In-Stock / Ship Now )
U.S. Local Shipping:3~9 Days ( 
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Worldwide Shipping:7~14 Days ( +100 USD )

Super Professional 2 (Director's Cut)

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Name:Super Professional 2 (Director's Cut)
Character Design:Fools Paradise
Scuptor:Fools Paradise / Mass Production by Manufacture
Painter:Fools Paradise / Mass Production by Manufacture
Size:Approx Height 30 cm (Léon)、50 cm (Piranha Plant & Warp Pipe)
Included:Super Professional 2
 (Director's Cut) x1
Super Princess 2
 (Director's Cut) x1
Piranha Plant
 (Director's Cut) x1
Warp Pipe
 (Director's Cut) x1
Bullet Bill (Director's Cut) x1
Graphic Carton

Fools Paradise located in Hong Kong and established in 2008 and releases a brand new type of stylish toy figurine every quarter
They will always add a little sense of humor into the toy figurine, merging movie and cartoon images
Combining with current fashion factors, its works reveal expertise to satisfy you

Fools Paradise works in limited editions are no more than 500 in the world
They are very unique and limited in quantity, and the desired image works are uncertain to purchase if for collection
Recently, its crafts and fabrications come out to be more progressive
It goes without saying that the image brought about this time is an integration of classic series

"Super Mario & Léon: The Professional"

The classic stance against the wall going with a classic pair of retro round sunglasses, and a simple accessory as well as motion
Recalls the profound killer image immediately
Yes, it is “Leon” from the movie "The Professional" in the year of 1994

After the first Super Professional, the second one catches the eyes of the majority of fans
The vivid manner (grim and adorable expression) and gesture are combined in another role consistently, free from a bit of feeling of strangeness
In terms of accessories, the Fools Paradise style of humor is still remained to weave in the role image
Grenade is turned into Mario’s bomb(Bob-Omb), becoming cute instantaneously

Like the first batch, it continues to use and enlarge the bomb to increase the whole interest
Making the entire collection furnish and decorate extremely evenly in the sense of abundance
The following image completely recurs the classic picture on the poster
The boldest creation is the wall Mario leans on
Using the pipe at the height of more than 50cm as a “supporting role”!?
It is so spectacular that collectors regard the pipe as the big hero outlining the movie’s classic image

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Special Instructions:
Colors in the picture may vary based on diverse display devices, which is subject to the actual goods received.
Since manual duplication and paint coating on each one, some rough selvage and coloring details may vary a bit.
Due to rough selvage generated after model duplication, there can be some nuanced differences in modeling after trimming.
It is hard to avoid touch stroke and color bleeding in some areas on account of diverse sizes.
In case of specific requirements on quality, please be discreet to subscribe.

The quantity identification just displays purchasable amounts rather than the number of actual goods can be shipped incompletely.
The commodity is produced once an order is placed as well as full payment.
The production time is calculated since the full payment, and there are about 20-30 days since the accomplishment.
In the case of actual goods of finished products after order, they can be delivered immediately by means of further notice.
Before the delivery of goods, we will guarantee whether goods are intact and undamaged once more and take photos to record the whole course of packing.
In case of unfortunate damages occurred while shipping, please take photos and inform us instantly
Photo Credits from Fools Paradise

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